2014 Predictions from Cloud Computing Experts

Last year, our cloud computing experts predicted what would happen in 2013. Some of the things they got right — like the continued dominance of Amazon Web Services (AWS), a more detailed conversation around Platform as a Service (PaaS), Google making a charge out of beta with Google Compute Engine and the continued importance of big data and mobile cloud services. Some other events could not have been predicted, such as the NSA’s PRISM scandal. This year our experts look back on their predictions and answer the same three questions for 2014. Their answers showcase how much has changed in 2013 and where the cloud market still has to develop.

. . . . Cost controls will get more attention. Managers like predictability, and that can be hard to find in the IaaS market where customers pay for what they use and providers charge for as many quantifiable services as possible. Use of cost management services from Cloudyn,Cloud Cruiser, Cloudability and CloudCheckr will grow as managers learn how to manage costs without adversely impacting developers.

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