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About clouds, the ones you run code on

My Surprising Cloud Cost Discovery

Once upon a time … There was a little startup. The startup had only about 10 employees and they all sat together in a local incubator. The incubator was kind enough to provide some hosting credits from some friendly cloud vendors,

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Escape Velocity: Accelerating Adoption of the Cloud

Early adopters of virtualization and the Cloud will remember just how [http://loadstorm.com/2008/oh-my-nearly-20-it-leaders-think-cloud-computing-fad] skeptical [http://www.forbes.com/2008/10/10/ellison-cloud-computing-tech-enter-cx_wt_1010oracle.html] folks [http://www.tech-faq.com/why-cloud-computing-may-be-just-a-fad.html] were until recently. There are

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